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eartha kitt realness

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Barbie Dream Dumpster

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Reflected Landscapes by Victoria Siemer

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you asked, we delivered.

gif made by gif-weenus in the tumblr war room!

This makes us happy. 

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Stephen Colbert is officially taking over the Late Show from David Letterman. We can all now move on to discussing who could replace Stephen Colbert.

Jessica Williams!

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First Promo: ‘Girl Meets World

Now embeddable. We need to start bracing for this being very not good.

Someone, somewhere (probably in LA) got paid to cut this trailer. This was very choppy, they were trying to make the lines work, but it didn’t. This upsets me, not the show itself.

Actually I’m quite happy they have some sane parents on TV, esp on Disney. Has anyone seen Disney lately? Parents are irresponsible nut cases! Glad that reign is over!

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Look Into The Air

Lettering by Federico Kanno

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Here’s today’s Daily GIF!


Here’s today’s Daily GIF!

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BREAKING: Stephen Colbert taking over ‘The Late Show’ in 2015



Brief thoughts:

  • The loss of his “Colbert” character will be painful. It’s been one of the most genius, game-changing comedic performances on modern television and to not have that 4 nights a week anymore will be truly unfortunate.
  • Additionally it’s a shame CBS didn’t go for a woman or person of color in this spot. More of the same.
  • But it’s exciting to see what Colbert can do on CBS in a more traditional format. They wouldn’t have hired him if they didn’t think he had the personality skills to carry such a show. It’s going to be different but exciting nonetheless.
  • Colbert and Fallon going head-to-head will be delightful for their “BFFs for 6 months” rivalry. 
  • Comedy Central has the option to move @midnight up which would be cool (though confusing considering the title), or move another strong Daily Show voice into the 11:30 spot (Jessica Williams, Kristen Schaal, John Hodgman, Wyatt Cenac).
  • Ratings wise I could see them expanding Tosh into a 4-day a week show at 11:30, but it wouldn’t be consistent with the intelligent brand they’ve built from 11-12.

I concur with all of these thoughts.

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The Ease of Propagation by Mathias Vef

Vef on his project:

The Ease of Propagation is a series of collages that explores the confusion in our relation to nature and technology. Nature is designed while technology evolves. Cultural meanings waft creation and creator, designer and design.

He can also be found on Facebook

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Why does this feel so sad… It should be… I think what I’ll miss most is the goof ball Stephen played… now we get to see him as himself, which is very exciting… Best of luck…

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32 things you didn’t know about the women of SNL, a.k.a. the most kickass women on THE PLANET! 

The Woman Crush Wednesday to end all Woman Crush Wednesdays.

That! ^^^ All the women of SNL past and present are my WCW!!! The female cast this year is killing it though!!!

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